Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HDR, back to basic

When taken photos with the HDR technique, you've fit a big chance to overdraw the effects of HDR. In my first HDR's I used the adjustments to much so the final result looks like a painting and not a softly adjusted photo. My last HDR's are a bit better and looks more natural. Of course you can see the HDR effect but this time it's more neutral. It's not yet perfect but much better :).

Als je foto's neemt middels de HDR techniek dan is de kans op overdrijven groot. Je let te veel op de futuristische lichteffecten en voor je het weet ziet de foto er als een schilderij uit. Ik maakte die fout in het begin ook maar merk nu dat ik de instellingen gerichter gebruik. Ze zijn verre van perfect maar het gaat de goede kant op :).



Friday, July 26, 2013

Give me the food!

During our vacation we went to Le Havre. When we parked the car and walked to downtown, there were two birds fighting to gain some food. They were fighting about 15 minutes with some blood as result. Here are some photos of the "meeting".

Tijdens onze vakantie in Frankrijk zijn we ook eens naar Le Havre gereden. Toen we de auto hadden geparkeerd en richting het stadscentrum liepen zagen we twee meeuwen met elkaar vechten voor wat eten. Dat is niet zo heel gek maar dit duurde echt minimaal 15 minuten met bloed als gevolg. Hieronder enkele foto's van de "meeting".


Friday, July 19, 2013

Flower power part 2

In my post "Flower power" you could see some flowers and this time I will do it on a higher level. Maybe it's not always 100% clear what the improvements are but you can see it in the finishing touch I give to the photos. Some photos are less sharp because I wanted to give it a dreamy effect. The editing was done with Adobe Lightroom 4. I hope you like the photos!

In m'n vorige post over "Flower power" kon je al een aantal foto's zien van bloemen maar deze keer wil ik de lat wat hoger leggen. De verschillen zullen misschien niet voor iedereen even duidelijk zijn maar het zit hem soms in kleine dingen zoals belichting, scherpte, kleurtoon en in sommige gevallen bewust de foto wat wazig gemaakt voor een dromerig effect te verkrijgen. De nabewerking is gedaan met Adobe Lightroom 4. Geniet van de foto's!






Saturday, July 13, 2013


During our holiday in France, we went to the coast and we met some ducks :). Some people know that I always want to take some "duck-photos". Well, this time these ducks gave me a good chance that I took with both hands. From now on I use Adobe Lightroom 4 which is a good piece of software!

Tijdens onze vakantie in Frankrijk kwamen we op een gegeven moment een aantal eenden tegen die heel tam waren en zowat op m'n camera zouden springen. Zoals een aantal mensen weten heb ik de neiging om vogels / eenden te fotograferen als ik ze tegen kom. Aangezien de eenden deze keer echt heel dichtbij kwamen heb ik een aantal foto's kunnen maken die nu bovenaan m'n lijstje staan. Deze foto's zijn licht bijgewerkt met Adobe Lightroom 4 hetgeen ik vanaf nu gebruik.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Up in the air, balloon hunting

A few months ago we did some "balloon hunting". It felt like some Discovery Channel - experience so it was crazy but fun. We followed a balloon and made some photos when he landed. Hope you like the photos and it's the first time I use Adobe Lightroom 4. Great piece of software!

Een paar maanden geleden hebben we "balloon hunting" in de praktijk omgezet. Met een Discovery Channel - gevoel volgden we de luchtballonnen om uiteindelijk foto's te maken van de landing wat ook redelijk is gelukt. Sinds deze week maak ik gebruik van Adobe Lightroom 4 wat alvast goed is bevallen!

Up in the air
Doordat de zon nog niet in beeld was is deze beter qua licht en kleur
Ballon ketst letterlijk op de dijk (let ook op het stof)
Met opzet de foto "scheef" genomen wat wel een speciaal effect geeft...
we waren niet de enige die alles volgde :)
De ballon hangt nog net voor de zon

Monday, July 1, 2013

Vacation at France 2013

Day 1 Honfleur in the rain

Sunday 23 june
Today we went to Honfleur, a beautiful city that’s really clean. We arrived early, parked the car and gain some information at the info-center. We walked a beautiful tour with some nice buildings and the seaport. Again, it’s very clean here with friendly people. It’s cloudy but it doesn’t rain and the temperature is fine. We visited the “Le paradis tropical” where it was hot and wet :). The butterfly’s and birds were colorful and a good thing for a photographer. The minor thing was that my lenses did condense wich made the job a lot harder :). At the end it was a good day and at our way to the homepoint we went by Deauville and saw in 5minutes that it was beautiful. One of these days we’ll go to Deauville!

Day2 The war

Monday 24 june
At 10 am we went to Ouistreham for the beach,  the history of WW2 and sightseeing. Once arrived at the beach we met a friendly man who gave us the advice to visit the museum Pegasus about WW2. He guided us to the museum and the museum was impressive. The visit was a combination of silence and respect. We filled the rest of the time with sightseeing and relaxing. In the evening we ate at a steakhouse and it’s possible that we return to this one for a second time in our vacation :). The weather was between acceptable and warm so ideal for us.

Day 3 Caen

Thuesday 25 june
Today we go to Caen. In Caen you can visit lots of historic buildings and it’s called “the city with hundred clocks”. It was 20 degrees celcius and just perfect to visit Caen knowing we have to walk some kilometers. I can say it was a good visit with some interesting buildings and storys. After our long walk we took a short pitstop to the beach at Deauville where we’ll come back later this week.

Day 4 The beach

After we walked through Villerville (coastside and small center), we ate something in Trouville-sur-mer  and then relaxing at the beach of Deauville. I made a big mistake when ordering food so I get only some mushrooms with lemon :). After that I just needed a large beer and things were just fine again. However it seems to be the most relaxing day we’ve taken many steps with very good/hot weather.

Day 5 Etretat en Pont De Normandie

In this vacation we passed the “Pont De Normandie” several times and it’s a special piece of architecture. I had some plans to take photos of it but I only have some video of it, maybe next time.
Once arrived at Etretat you can feel it’s something different. It’s a small town with one important point: the beach and the cliffs. We’ve been on the beach and on the top of the cliffs and it’s amazing. The weather was fine and the view was very beautiful. The way up was a funny story but hey, we’ve made it ;).

Day 6 Le Havre and Honfleur

The last day of our vacation, Le Havre. It sounds great when you read the information on the internet about Le Havre but it didn had something special (my opinion). Local people were not that happy although I have to say that our son was seduced many times by the women he saw :) (little Don Juan). After the short visit we went to Honfleur and that was a good decision.
That visit just made my day. Tomorrow, back to the homebase but it was a very nice and interesting vacation with my wife and son.

I put the whole holiday in one post on my blog. Alltough it’s very compact I hope you like it :)!
(next time I will translate it to dutch again)